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Weekly Podcast Roundup: Virtual Conferences, Lifeboats, and a Special Guest

The beauty of the customer experience journey is that examples can be found almost anywhere. This week started with virtual conferences, moved through industry verticals, made a quick detour to QAnon, stopped at social community management, and finished up with a lifeboat analogy. Episode #87: The Unexpected Benefits of a …more

Star Trek

Weekly Podcast Roundup: ABM, Conversational Commerce, and How to Win No-Win Situations

This week, we finish off our 9-part series on the Digital Customer-First Transformation System. Then it’s a quick look at the power of social Account-Based Marketing before moving on to a couple of episodes about the mindset required to tackle apparently intractable problems. And, yes, one of those episodes does …more

Brand Names

What’s in a (Brand) Name?

Brand names are the crown jewels of an organization. They’re valuable, multi-faceted, and fiercely protected. But what happens when the brand name …more