New Webinar: Your Path to CX Transformation

According to Forrester, the number of brands rated “Excellent” four years in a row on their Customer Experience Index is exactly: zero.

Zero! Nada, zip, nil, zilch. 

This… is not good. We all recognize the value of the customer experience. So why aren’t any of us excelling? What’s holding us back? And what can we do to supercharge our CX efforts?

This webinar with Forrester Senior Analyst, Faith Adams, and Sprinklr’s very own Marshall Kirkpatrick answers these questions, and more. Faith talks about some of the biggest obstacles to excellent CX, digs into the six core CX competencies, and wraps up the discussion with steps you can take to improve.

There’s a general perception that CX just happens, but that’s not true. It requires focus and dedication. We need to step out of our corporate silos and double down on real change. Post-COVID, Customer Experience will make or break a lot of organizations. You want to make sure you’re in the “make” category. 

This webinar will help.

Why Having a Cross-Channel View is Critical to Your CX Transformation