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GE Healthcare — Marketing Automation Transformation Video Case Study

In May 2015 in Nashville, Sirius Decisions held their 2015 Summit themed Outperform: Strategies for Intelligent Growth, focused on effective ways to grow and outperform in today’s competitive marketplace: Link During more than 50 analyst sessions, Sirius showcased their most recent, cutting-edge research and insights, introduced new models and frameworks. The …more

Why Marketing is Eating Sales

GREAT ARTICLE by Nadim Hossain on “Why Marketing is Eating Sales”: Link We live in a mobile-first world where mobility references the mobility of the user, not the device. As a result, users are driving  cloud-connected solutions to enable their mobile lifestyles. This connected society has generated a social-first approach …more

Uniting Mount Marketing and Mount Sales + Additional Marketing Automation Resources

An important concept in Marketing Automation is the need to differentiate between “Marketing-driven Leads” and “Sales-driven Leads”. For Marketing-driven Leads, once they are qualified (MQLs — “Marketing Qualified Leads”) they must be “accepted” by Sales (SALs — “Sales Accepted Leads”) and from thereon Sales will qualify the lead and convert …more