Weekly Podcast Roundup: The Breath Yogi, Happy 100th, and TechNowism

Every breath you take. We started the week with three episodes with Neha Saxena, also known as The Breath Yogi. Neha shared stories about her remarkable journey from India to the North Carolina, and taught us a little bit about the benefits of proper breathing. And the best part? Neha will be joining us every Monday with more stories and guided breathing exercises. It’s a great way to start the week.

Thursday we hit a huge milestone: Episode #100! Thank you to our listeners for your continued support and feedback (which you can always provide here: twitter.com/gradconn).

And we wrapped everything up with a sneak preview of Carlos Dominguez’s yet-to-be-published book about TechNowism, a philosophy for embracing technology and adopting change.

It was a big week for the CXM Experience. Thanks for joining us.

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Episode #97: Introducing the Breath Yogi, with Neha Saxena

Episode #98: The Hero’s Journey, with Neha Saxena

Episode #99: The Science of Mindfulness, with Neha Saxena

Episode #100: Our Spectacular 100th Episode Celebration Bash

Episode #101: Everything You Wanted to Know About TechNowism

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