Weekly Podcast Roundup: Experience Selling, Mass 1:1, and Potato Salad

It’s recipe week on the CXM Experience. Well, not really. But for some reason our exploration of customer experiences did take a strange turn through potato salad and mushrooms à la Boursin.

But when we weren’t talking about food, we looked at how the healthcare industry uses modern channels to predict — and address — customer service issues before they become a problem. And we ended the week with an exploration of experience selling, and an introduction to mass one-to-one marketing.

It’s a veritable smorgasbord of customer experience insights.

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Episode #77: How to Solve Customer Experience Problems, Before They Happen

Episode #78: The Great Potato Salad Mystery

Episode #79: Customer Experience, it’s What’s for Dinner

Episode #80: How to Put the Experience in Experience Selling

Episode #81: Mass 1:1, the Promising Future of Marketing

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