OMFG: How can Jon Rahm’s water-skip hole-in-one be real?

I don’t often post meme-y Internet-y stuff, but here I go, because: It’s. Just. So. Unbelievable. From this smart post off my favorite blog,, this is officially the craziest hole-in-one and perhaps the craziest golf shot I’ve ever seen. More importantly, it’s a testament to the power of the idea that *anything can happen*, but nothing can happen if you don’t try.

Also, it’s his birthday … how can this get any weirder? If it was in a movie, audiences would scoff at the “unbelievability.”

Ofc, the amusing coda to this piece of amazement is that it was a *practice* round, and therefore it’s literally just for show. On the other hand, if you practice like you’re playing, you’ll ultimately end up where you want to be.

Time to hit the driving range…