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“What is a Brand” by Stephen King (different Stephen King) and Jeremy Bullmore, JWT London (1973)

 Today is a very special day at I have been waiting for YEARS for someone to post “What is a Brand” by Stephen King (different Stephen King) and Jeremy Bullmore (Twitter search) from JWT London, 1973. I have this film on 3/4” tape (and I still have a working 3/4” …more

TBT: Wonderful World of Marketing | Marketing a Better DeLorean

 Throwback Thursday: Today we take a break from our regularly scheduled programming to jump in the Wayback Machine to re-visit a …more

True Confessions, Easter Edition

 I hate eggs. They are one of the most disgusting food types imaginable to me, and I grew up hating them …more

Using Outlook Search Folders. You’re welcome…

 Here’s an oldie but a goodie — how Outlook Search Folders work. This is an absolutely mind-blowing time-saving tool, without which …more

ZDNet: The Endangered CMO

There’s nothing like a good dinner with a dozen of your favorite media people to foster a stimulating discussion about digital transformation, …more