Modern marketing deep dive, from the Uberflip Content Experience

Thank you Uberflip for the opportunity to talk about digital transformation at the 2017 Content Experience. The event provided me with the opportunity to engage with some of today’s most brilliant marketing minds — it was an awesome couple of days! #conex17

It also gave me a chance to visit some of my old Toronto haunts, including a delicious dinner at Duff’s Wings; a long walk down Queen Street West; and a great lunch with my Mom at the Granite Club. Wins all around.

If you couldn’t attend the conference, don’t fret. You can still watch my “Marketing to the Future” keynote in all it’s 720p HD glory by clicking on the image above. Of course you’ll miss the thrill of actually sitting in the CBC Glenn Gould Studio, but you’ll still learn something about modern marketing, customer experiences, and fabric softener — and you’ll be a better-prepared marketer as a result.

While we’re talking CBC, I’ve got to give props to the team at the Glenn Gould Studio. It was one of the highest levels of professionalism I’ve enjoyed at any conference, and in a very friendly environment. The room itself is fabulous — officially my new favorite presenting venue — because the stage is nice and low, with stairs to the audience (you’ll see me using them a few times…)

It’s quite a unique room. It is built as a recording studio, and can accommodate a full orchestra on the stage. But it’s not Roy Thompson Hall — it only seats about 350, so it manages to be both large and intimate at the same time. And the acoustics are fantastic … poor acoustics can be really tough when you’re speaking, especially if you’re hearing yourself reverb in real time. That messes with you 10 ways to Sunday!

You also might want to bookmark the Uberflip Content Experience site for 2018. I’d love to see you in Toronto in the New Year.