Speaking at Social Media Week in NYC tomorrow!

I’ll be speaking at Social Media Week in NYC tomorrow (Tuesday, April 30, 2019) and I’m looking forward to delivering a talk called “The Copernican Shift: Three Stages of Marketing Evolution

Advertising Week in London, UK

I’m really looking forward to unveiling our new “Listen, Learn, Love” framework on customer engagement in the modern era. My session extract is:

We’re on the cusp of a Copernican Shift in the way we market products, services, and ourselves. What does it look like to be in the early stage, focused on content marketing and sales automation? What brands are currently in the mature stage, focused on social engagement, social selling and integrated marketing? And finally, what does it look like to be a marketer in the future, where social prospecting, AI, blockchain, business bots and influencers play a key role? In this talk, Sprinklr CXMO Grad Conn will predict a version of the future we can all learn to love, even if it doesn’t include flying cars and hoverboards.

I’m really looking forward to talking about marketing innovation with a group of marketing innovators, and I’ll be sure to tweak your synapses!

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