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Tom Peters

Episode #132: Extreme Humanism and the Customer Experience, with Tom Peters

Renowned author and management expert Tom Peters joins me for a two-part series on customer experience execution, the value of human connections, and the little things that can make a big difference. Today Tom and I talk about corporate amnesia, good (and not so good) customer experiences, and two-cent candy. …more

New Podcast: Who Should Lead the Digital Transformation Charge?

When we think about digital transformation, we tend to immediately jump to discussions about technology, processes, and systems. Which makes sense. Those areas are ripe for disruption and potential milestones on the path to digital transformation. But too often we neglect the single most important piece of digital transformation. We …more

Butch and Sundance

It Takes Two

The standard pitch for a buddy movie goes something like this: two mismatched protagonists come together to create a unique bond. Think …more

american gothic

Wait for It

“Good things come to those who wait,” said nobody while sitting on hold for 45 minutes randomly shouting “representative” at their phone …more

The Sprinklr Story

A little over a year ago I said “bye-bye” to both Microsoft and Seattle (previously) and started a new adventure at Sprinklr. …more