CTI (Commercial Theatre Institute) Marketing Conference — where do I plug in my iPhone?

I had a ton of fun in on February 8th at the CTI (Commercial Theatre Institute) Marketing Conference. It was the first time I’d done a keynote on a stage with a full set … when I turned in one direction I was in a library, and when I turned in the other I was on a stage. I loved it — my only challenge is that I couldn’t find a plug in which to charge my iPhone… @Lulubellestiles @HandtoGodBway or

It was really interesting to take the marketing principles I practice every day at Microsoft for our $35B U.S. B2B business and apply them to the Broadway theatrical business. Surprisingly, it wasn’t that hard — marketing is marketing, no matter what you’re selling!

I have a second advantage, which is that I’ve actually spent a lot of time marketing on Broadway. Not everyone knows that I’m a co-founder of Audience Rewards (with Susan Lee) which is the official loyalty program of Broadway. More recently, I’ve been leading the marketing parade on Chick Flick the Musical, which will be one of this coming season’s off-Broadway sensations. And for fun, I consult with a number of shows on how to use modern marketing to increase ticket sales — I share an actual case study from a show in Vegas at the end of this CTI keynote. If you’re into theatre, it’s a very cool story — we produced 1,938 ad variations with 5 form factor differences adding up to 9,690 total ad variations. The results were outstanding — +49% growth in people reached; +72% increase in brand engagement; and +20% revenue growth overall:

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