KEYNOTE: Lexus Western Area Dealer Meeting

I had the recent honor of being the closing keynote speaker at the Lexus Western Area Dealer Meeting, and it was one of my best audiences ever! They were sharp, asked great questions, and most importantly — laughed at all my jokes. Well, most of my jokes 🙂

They seemed to like it as well — feedback from the event organizer was: “…really enjoyed Grad. Excellent presentation and relevant to our dealers. Engaging and funny.”

I was picked up at the airport by Steve Burton, Customer Satisfaction Manager for Lexus in a brand-new Lexus LS with the full passenger package. Specifically, the passenger-side rear seat fully reclines *with an ottoman* and has a crazy massage mode which literally feels like a masseuse is kneading your muscles. After the half-hour drive from SNA to Dana Point, I could still feel the pressure points of the massage even after I’d left the car. There was also some pretty impressive autonomous driving tech in the car — Steve had to tap the wheel every few minutes but we basically did the whole drive in robot mode. Finally, what was incredible to (finally) see is that the LS has a true, full heads-up display. This technology has been around in fighter jets since the ’80s, but car manufacturers have been slow to adopt. However, Steve commented that with heads-up, he no longer has to look down at the dashboard, which seems like a pretty good way to keep your eyes on the road.

The presentation focused heavily on customer-centricity in a social-first world. You can see plenty of social examples for both Microsoft and Lexus and a couple of Lexus competitors in the deck. I also had a couple of leave-behinds for the group on Social Selling and Social Engagement — both of these PointDrives dig into deeper detail on how to implement these two modern marketing programs in today’s enterprise.

Per usual, I started my deck with my DeLorean slide. It was a bit risky given that it’s a theoretical competitor, but I figured it was OK since Lexus didn’t exist in 1981/82 when DeLorean was in business. Just to be safe, I made a little modification to the grill:

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