J.D. Power #PowerSEAT Interview

I love cars. I love collecting them, restoring them, writing about them and – of course – driving them. So when J.D. Power asked me to present at their annual Automotive Marketing Roundtable, well, it was one of the easiest decisions I’ve made in a long time.

As part of the event I sat down with J.D. Power’s Geno Effler to talk about the rapid changes impacting our lives, how to thrive in this new economy, and how Microsoft re-invented itself to embrace the future of computing.

It also includes a robust and positive perspective on the great legacy of the much-maligned Steve Ballmer of whom I’m a big fan, and who doesn’t get enough credit for our device business, our cloud business, our profitability — and for managing the difficult transition to our new business model. Digital Transformation is VERY hard, and Steve ran a master class in how to teach an elephant to dance.

Buckle up and enjoy.

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