Using Outlook Search Folders. You’re welcome…

Here’s an oldie but a goodie — how Outlook Search Folders work. This is an absolutely mind-blowing time-saving tool, without which I don’t know how I’d ever process the hundreds of e-mails I get every day. It enables me to focus on the most important e-mails, and to get back to the people I’m working most closely with as quickly as possible. It’s been a feature of Outlook since 2006, but I rarely run into people who are aware of it. Adopt this practice, and you’ll dramatically improve your productivity and response speeds.

The way they work is that each Search Folder is a persistent search on people, terms, or other e-mail characteristics, such as “Marked Urgent” or “Sent Directly to Me.” The necessary mindset shift is that you need to start thinking of folders as dynamic containers which are constantly being updated versus static elements that you drag files into — always having to decide if you drag it into a particular project folder … or the person’s folder … or the other person’s folder … or the other project mentioned — you get the idea. With Search Folders, you leave all your e-mail in one giant pile in your InBox, and then slice and dice it with Search Folders … the same e-mail can be in multiple Search Folders, and when you delete a Search Folder the e-mails within it remain in your InBox. So cool — the developer who built this feature was a genius, or a former OpenCola employee 🙂

I’ve still got my braces in this video shoot … Randy and I did this one in the original makeshift studio we used before we found our super-seekret “studio between walls” space which we use now. Nice job Randy on de-identifying anything which is sensitive — I mostly use personal e-mail examples so we’re not showing any work stuff, but you’ll still totally get the idea.

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