5 Odd Things I Just Learned from Microsoft’s CMO

Seeing the word “odd” in a headline after an interview is generally a cause for alarm. But in this case, it’s a good thing. But, to be totally transparent, I took a big gulp of air before I clicked on the link to read the article, and I braced myself — with my mind racing “did I say anything incredibly stupid? Did I say 5 incredibly stupid things???”

Fortunately, it was just Inc. taking a page out of John CaplesTested Advertising Methods” and his 35 Headline Formulas by using numbers (“5”); specific reference (“Microsoft’s CMO”); and intrigue (“I Just Learned”) to generate a headline which makes people want to read further. Nice work, Inc., nice work.

At the recent Sirius Decisions Conference in Las Vegas I sat down with Geoffrey James of and Etai Beck of Folloze to talk about marketing software (including Folloze), disruptive innovation, and why the Zune was an underrated product.

You can read the full article here, and continue the conversation @gradconn.

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