New Podcast: Who Should Lead the Digital Transformation Charge?

When we think about digital transformation, we tend to immediately jump to discussions about technology, processes, and systems. Which makes sense. Those areas are ripe for disruption and potential milestones on the path to digital transformation.

But too often we neglect the single most important piece of digital transformation. We ignore what should be the north star of our digital transformation journey.

The customer. 

Let’s not lose sight of the reason we’re digitally transforming in the first place. Ultimately, we want to gain more customers. We want our existing customers to stay customers. We want to turn our detractors into fans, and our fans into advocates. Digital transformation isn’t about technology — it’s about people.

And once we place the customer front and center, who better to carry the digital transformation banner than the CMO. After all, they’re the ones focused on the customer to begin with. 

Marshall Kirkpatrick and I spent 38 glorious minutes discussing this very topic. Take a listen, and let me know what you think on Twitter.