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The Wonderful World of Marketing, Special Edition: Microsoft Social Command Center

Famous Part 2s: The Empire Strikes Back, Buzz Aldrin, the IBM AT, Dawn of the Dead…and this Wonderful World of Marketing episode. When we left off in Part 1, your intrepid CMO was regaling you with esoteric theories about MarTech complexity, driving revenue, and the evolution to a true customer-centric …more

The Wonderful World of Marketing, Episode 26: The Modern CMO (part 1)

As Albert Einstein once famously fake-Internet quoted, “…the more things change, the more they stay the same.” And while that may be true in a general, fake-Internet quote-y kind of way, it’s clear that the fake-Internet quoting Einstein didn’t work in a modern marketing department. Because, things are not staying …more

GE Healthcare — Marketing Automation Transformation Video Case Study

In May 2015 in Nashville, Sirius Decisions held their 2015 Summit themed Outperform: Strategies for Intelligent Growth, focused on effective ways to grow and outperform in today’s competitive marketplace: Link During more than 50 analyst sessions, Sirius showcased their most recent, cutting-edge research and insights, introduced new models and frameworks. The …more