Sprinklr Digital Transformation Summit — Keynote TODAY at 9:30am

I’m really looking forward to today’s talk at the Sprinklr Digital Transformation Summit — my keynote is TODAY at 9:30am at the Wild Horse Saloon … which is less “saloon” and more “concert venue with liquor.”

The address is: 120 2nd Ave N, Nashville, TN 37201

Not sure how many people will be drinking this morning, but I do know based on my observations of last night’s party at The Bell Tower that most if not everyone in the audience will either be hungover or still drunk. My favorite kind of audience!

A big thanks to the Sprinklr and Wild Horse production teams for a flawless event and great speaker set-up … I even have smoke! The giant 30′ x 20′ screen behind me ain’t bad either — I want to bring that home with me for all future presentations.

For a little taste of what I’ll be talking about today, here’s the unedited video from my “Fireside Chat” with Ragy Thomas (CEO, Sprinklr) at SXSW about a month ago:

Trigger Alert: Some language not appropriate for children or the faint of heart. Especially the part where I talk about how we’re going to have to rip and replace everything we’ve built over the last decade…

Hope to see you there — it’s going to be fun!