Powerful Lessons From the World’s Most Influential CMOs in 2020

2020 has been, among other things, the year of digital transformation. The transformation has been going on for a while now. Slowly. But we’ve watched it accelerate these past few months. Which raises an important question: who in the organization is best suited to drive this transformation?

Digital transformation involves technology, processes, and systems. But, ultimately, it’s about people. It’s about providing customer experiences that delight and engage. The question every one of us should be asking is: How do we, as a company, deliver a stellar experience to the customer? An experience that will make them want to stay a customer? That’s the essence of digital transformation.

Forbes CMO List

And, who better to understand the customer and deliver those experiences than the CMO? They own customer engagement. It’s not crazy to think that the CMO will be the individual who takes up the mantle of digital leadership. They’ll drive the customer experience, and the systems needed to support those experiences.

The Chief Marketing Officer is the perfect candidate for digital transformation leader.

For the past few years, Sprinklr has partnered with Forbes and LinkedIn to highlight the world’s most influential CMOs. This year’s list features 50 CMOs who embraced challenges and spurred their organizations toward real digital transformation. There are lessons here for all of us.
Download the 2020 report for inspiration and insight: The World’s Most Influential CMOs 2020.