The Wonderful World of Marketing, Special Edition: Microsoft Social Command Center

Famous Part 2s: The Empire Strikes Back, Buzz Aldrin, the IBM AT, Dawn of the Dead…and this Wonderful World of Marketing episode.

When we left off in Part 1, your intrepid CMO was regaling you with esoteric theories about MarTech complexity, driving revenue, and the evolution to a true customer-centric organization. In this episode I make it real, with a virtual tour of the Microsoft Social Command Center (SCC) and the tools and processes I use every day to run the business.

The way I see it, we’re all marketers. We’re all sellers. We’re all in care, and we’re all in research. To put this concept into practice, however, you must break down the natural barriers between departments. It’s not easy, but with an integrated nurture system and a customer-first mindset it’s possible.

Our Social Command Center is a key part of this effort. The SCC team enables us to listen to more than 150 million social media mentions, and engage with nearly a million customers every year. We nurture prospects; amplify messages from fans; address concerns from detractors; and feed insights to multiple departments across the company, including R&D; Engineering; Product Management; Product Marketing; Sales; PR; and Customer Service.

Social Command Center

The SCC is a cornerstone of our customer experience management (CXM) transformation and a giant leap toward our goal of having a 360-degree view of each of our customers.

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