GE Healthcare — Marketing Automation Transformation Video Case Study

GE Healthcare

In May 2015 in Nashville, Sirius Decisions held their 2015 Summit themed Outperform: Strategies for Intelligent Growth, focused on effective ways to grow and outperform in today’s competitive marketplace: Link

During more than 50 analyst sessions, Sirius showcased their most recent, cutting-edge research and insights, introduced new models and frameworks. The event also featured over 100 practitioner case studies, as a part of the Summit Marketplace. I presented the Microsoft story in one session. Another *great* session was the GE Healthcare story.

Sirius Decisions released all the presentations in June — unfortunately the GE Healthcare deck was not included. Fortunately, Marketo has just produced an excellent case study on GE Healthcare and they’ve posted it on YouTube here: Link

The video features a really nice commentary by Stephanie Meyer, who is the Head of Marketing Operations at GE Healthcare. Check out this great quote:

…it’s not B2B or B2C marketing anymore, it is B2Human.

Stephanie talks about how listening to their customers and engaging with them in different ways, marketers helped to drive more than $2B worth of touched opportunity. That’s revenue marketing!!!