100 Days of Leo Burnett, the Midwestern Master of Mascots DAY 60

Here’s today’s Leo:

In this business when you start putting the emphasis on counting money rather than getting out better ads and otherwise giving your clients better service, you soon learn that there is very little money to count.” — Leo Burnett

Advertising is a business of putting the needs of the client first. However, a lot of agencies get confused on exactly what that need *is*. They have a tendency to focus too much on the individuals to whom they are “selling” campaigns (has there ever been a greater demonstration of the dysfunction of an advertising agency than the need to crow on how you “sold” a client???) and not nearly enough emphasis on how they are building the business of that client.

It’s sorta weird to watch the entire modern marketing; marketing automation; MarTech; and CXM industries grow up around the traditional agencies who cling to TV production and love to publish posts about how these kids and their technology are missing the human element.

It’s so … odd … to watch an entire industry implode because they are so hooked on the drug of media paybacks and under-the-table payments. They’ve become money counters, not creators, and they will suffer the fate Leo Burnett predicts.

Or they could transform. Your choice, advertising industry.

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