100 Days of Leo Burnett, the Midwestern Master of Mascots DAY 56

Here’s today’s Leo:

We built our business not so much by getting accounts as building them.” — Leo Burnett

I love this Leo — it really talks to the magic of a great agency which focuses on building businesses, not just acquiring and milking something which already exists. I’m afraid too many clients underestimate the ability of a great agency to build something magical. For example, Claude Hopkins invented *orange juice*. Yep, you heard it right — the concept of orange juice came from an Ad Man.

Leo Burnett agency built a ton of great businesses — many with the technique of using cultural archetypes in his copy and creating mythical creatures which represented American values. Here is a list of Leo’s most notable creations which built fantastic businesses:

Here’s one of my favorites:

As a result of his business innovation, in 1999 Leo Burnett was named by Time Magazine as one of the 100 most influential people of the 20th century. Good on you, Leo, well played.

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