100 Days of Leo Burnett, the Midwestern Master of Mascots DAY 57

Here’s today’s Leo:

As I have observed it, great advertising writing, either in print or TV, is always deceptively and disarmingly simple. It has the common touch without being or sounding patronizing.” — Leo Burnett

Leo Burnett was known for keeping a folder in the lower left-hand corner of his desk called “Corny Language.” He collected words, phrases, and analogies that struck him as being particularly apt in expressing an idea. This was not meant by maxims, gags, or slang, but words, phrases and analogies which convey a feeling of honesty and that drive home a clear point.

For example, here are a couple of great (but dated) examples of advertising from the Leo Burnett company for Schlitz beer — once the most popular beer on the planet. In fact, they used to say “If you’re out of Schlitz, you’re out of beer” — truly one of the great selling lines of all time.

This first ad from 1967 has some great 1960s-style gender role stereotyping, accompanied by an extraordinary number of beer pour beauty shots:

This second ad continues the stunning gender-role stereotyping, but note the *introduction* of the aluminum can six-pack — a true turning point in American beer-guzzling history:

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