Improving your LinkedIn profile to better connect with fellow professionals

gradconn LinkedIn Profile HeaderIn the Sunday, April 20 edition of The Seattle Times they had a cool article called “Resume Terms”:

CareerBuilder recently surveyed hiring managers about resume words that grabbed their attention. Here are the most – and least – effective terms and phrases.


  • Improved
  • Ideas
  • Created
  • Increased/decreased
  • Volunteered
  • Achieved
  • Trained/mentored
  • Influenced
  • Managed
  • Resolved


  • Go-to person
  • Thought leader
  • Synergy
  • Results driven
  • Think outside of the box
  • Team player
  • Go-getter
  • Value add
  • Bottom line
  • Best-of-breed

As we increasingly use LinkedIn as a way to connect with fellow colleagues, it’s a great way to understand what people do … and don’t … want to hear about each other.