100 Days of Leo Burnett, the Midwestern Master of Mascots DAY 77

Here’s today’s Leo:

The grist for our mill is still words. Words as they put the sock and soul into the expression of ideas.” — Leo Burnett

“Sock and Soul” … what a cool expression.

What becomes pretty obvious when you study the Masters of the Advertising Craft is that they had a way with words … a helluva a way with words. They painted images with words the way an painter creates landscapes with oil:

The study of history is the way to understand the future, which is why I’m always so confused why so few people study history … of anything. It’s not like it’s not all freely available — what gives? And in particular, people seems almost religiously opposed to studying advertising history. And then … every once in a while … someone decides to copy the Masters and guess what — they make A LOT OF MONEY.

For example, here’s my favorite tweet of the week:

Yep, follow the lessons of John Caples, become successful. It’s not really that hard, compared to a lot of other ways of making money. Read any of John Caples (former VP BBDO, and God of all advertising geeks everywhere) books:

  • How to Make Your Advertising Make Money by John Caples: Link
  • Tested Advertising Methods by John Caples: Link
  • Making Ads Pay: Timeless Tips for Successful Copywriting by John Caples: Link

Yes folks, everything old is new again … and the more you can leverage the old, which is freely available for copying and adaptation … the more you’ll rule the new. Let’s sing this post out with the incomparable Mr Peter Allen:

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