100 Days of Leo Burnett, the Midwestern Master of Mascots DAY 61

Here’s today’s Leo:

The greatest saving of all is better utilization of our time. This directly affects practically every phase of the business in terms of expense and profits.” — Leo Burnett

This is a good one — it’s always a bit amazing to me to see the lengths to which an organization will “optimize costs” without any regard to the time impact on the employee. Corporate travel systems are a great example. They will optimize to the absolutely lowest ticket price … I have a great recent example of an employee taking *two* connecting flights which resulted in 12 hours of travel, a missed connection, an overnight stay at a hotel, and a missed meeting in order to save less than $50 on the plane ticket.

The human cost *has* to be factored in because it is the *main* cost — saving money on the small stuff doesn’t amount to a hill of beans if you are de-optimizing on the big stuff. As obvious as this seems, it is not well executed because organizations are siloed into focused cost centers — none of which take the full end-to-end view in mind.

It’s sort of like what we are talking about in CXM (Customer Experience Management) where we want to optimize the customer experience by unifying all the customer touchpoint systems. We need the same thing for employees — EXM (Employee Experience Management) in order to optimize the digital transformation. And let’s face it … happy employees = happy customers. It’s not rocket science.

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