Wonderful World of Marketing, Episode 32: MarTech Innovation, Part 1

Take a moment to conjure up a mental list of mix-and-match pairs: Two unrelated items that nonetheless end up being inexorably linked together. Think “death & taxes;” “Procter & Gamble;” “fish & chips;” “The Captain & Tennille.” You get the idea.

Until recently, the combination of “marketing” and “technology” would not have made your short list. That’s rapidly changing as we surge into the brave new world of modern marketing, a shift that’s forcing marketers to develop a MarTech muscle we had previously neglected (or, had never developed in the first place).

I’ve talked a lot about MarTech, and I’m going to continue to talk about it going forward. It’s that important. In this Wonderful World of Marketing episode I dig in to the complexity of the current MarTech space, explore the customer lifecycle (from anonymous acquisition to customer nurture), and propose a bold new idea I call Advertising Automation.

And, if you still need more, you’re in luck… there’s a MarTech Part 2!

Marketing and technology, the yin and yang of our industry. Let me know what you think @gradconn.