Super Social Bowl – Who will win 2014?

The Super Bowl has turned into a Super Social event as well, and last year’s black-out incident made stars out of the Oreo social team, who were generally credited with “winning the Super Bowl”: Link

More recently, Arby’s “won the Grammys” with this tweet:

Arbys tweet PharrellA great story on what Arby’s did is here on AdWeek: Link

So, I’m sure that social teams across America are gearing up for the big day – I know we are! My CIC (Customer Insights Center) is one of the biggest and most engaged social teams in the world. They are putting on the pads and getting ready to respond to relevant social conversations about our brands. We’ll be fully stocked with wings, dips, and chips – but no beers – we don’t support beers & tweets J. It will be an interesting and fun way to watch the game, and I’m looking forward to the two competitions on Sunday – the one in the field, and the one in the social sphere. May the best team win! Also … Go Hawks!