Idina Menzel – and Others – Hit High Note with Let It Go

Disney Frozen - Let It GoIt’s always thought-provoking to see what happens when content catches on and becomes viral. What makes an idea or product so interesting or captivating that people want to share it? Or taking it a step further, so compelling that people want to create their own versions of the same content to share?

There’s lots of evidence about what makes things catch on. Wharton Professor and Author of Contagious: Why Things Catch On, Jonah Berger, is an expert of word of mouth and what makes things catch on and become popular while others falter. He would have a lot to say about what has made the award winning Disney hit “Let It Go” from the blockbuster movie, Frozen, become such a viral hit.

One of my favorite performers of all time has to be Idina Menzel. Her soaring talent is landing her some major exposure with “Let It Go”, and her performance on the Oscars was incredible. I’m sure John Travolta will never forget her name again. The flock of viral videos that have come from this theme song run the gamut from funny, to entertaining, while some are showcasing more incredible talent.

Clearly, the movie has a lot to do with the success of this song, along with an incredibly catchy tune (that’s difficult to get out of your head), but the viral nature of this song is unbelievable, and entertaining. Let’s take a look: