Halt and Catch Fire Season 2 Premiere: OMG

Hands down my favorite show on TV these days (with the … sniff … demise of Mad Men) is Halt and Catch Fire on AMC. Set at the time of the birth of the PC industry in the early ’80s — with a nerdgasmic Season 1 closer at Comdex ’83 — I don’t see how you can be in the technology business and not think that this is the GREATEST. SHOW. EVAR. It makes me want to jump in a time machine, head back to 1983, quit school, and join a start-up. Argh!

There’s a nice run-down on the Season 2 premiere here on Mashable: Link

We start to see the beginnings of Internettiness with “Mutiny”, an early MUD with chat capability. That’s right … people were connecting on the Internet before the Web (can you say BBS Gopher E-mail?)

However, the great thing about the world is that new revolutions are created every day, and as the speed of human connectivity continues to increase the speed with which innovation spreads continues to accelerate. What does this mean? Robotics (can you say ToyBots?); Asteroid Mining (Planetary Resources); Commercial Space Travel (SpaceX Orbital Blue Origin); Electric Vehicles (Tesla) — these are all the Cardiff Electric of today, and if you want to live in the excitement of 1983, it’s not that far away :-).