100 Days of Leo Burnett, the Midwestern Master of Mascots DAY 81

Here’s today’s Leo:

My only warning is that growth never compromises integrity, and I regard integrity as the heart and driving force of this agency.” — Leo Burnett

I have this really cool CD collection called “Great Speeches of the 20th Century” and it features speeches of the great events of the last century. From Amazon:

Students and teachers of history, enthusiasts of speechmaking, and folks needing something different to spice up those mix tapes with will enjoy this inspired four-disc tour of a century. It’s a bit heavy on events a baby boomer is most likely to be interested in, but there’s nothing wrong with knowing one’s audience. For the most part, these recordings make 20th-century history appear to be happening right now. It might sound clichéd, but it really is a thrill to hear history in the making: Woodrow Wilson lying to the American Indians, Gloria Steinem addressing the National Organization for Women, the launch of sputnik, Dr. King delivering the “I Have a Dream” speech with intense clarity and emotion, Kennedy delivering his infamous address to the nation after being sworn in, the very first recording ever made on an Edison phonograph, Nixon resigning in shame, Hitler hatefully ranting about Germanic expansionism, Malcolm X powerfully speaking on black power, Babe Ruth saying good-bye to baseball, and Neil Armstrong uttering those famous words as he first steps onto the moon.

It’s ripped into iTunes, and I was driving a rental in L.A. the last couple of days. The system in the Nissan Rogue has a USB power plug, which also pipes through the Map voice, and for some reason auto-starts iTunes and begins playing whatever is in there … including Great Speeches of the 20th Century. I was struck by Reverend Jesse Jackson’s speech to the Democratic Convention in 1984 at the end of his failed Presidential nomination campaign. I probably heard it at the time, but I was pretty young and it didn’t resonate strongly with me back then. On a re-listen … that’s one helluva speech which embodies the character of integrity which is the subject of today’s Leo. Here’s the opening in video:

and the full speech in audio:

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