100 Days of Leo Burnett, the Midwestern Master of Mascots DAY 71

Here’s today’s Leo:

I have always felt that advertising could be something to get excited about. To take pleasure in. To regard as worthwhile, meaningful, respectable. Something to do thoughtfully and well.” — Leo Burnett

It’s not art — something we sometimes get confused about as an industry — but advertising works best when it elicits emotions similar to what we feel when we experience art. That’s the “stimulus” in “stimulus-response” … make me feel something, and I’ll have an emotional reaction to your product pitch. And since all purchases are based on emotion, that’s a GOOD THING. There’s something oddly thrilling to me to see something I’ve worked on in mass production, and seen by millions. And when it’s emotional and maybe even beautiful, that’s even better.

Here’s an incredibly human ad which does a really nice job of touching the human heart — and is a masterpiece of emotional selling. It’s an example of a “mini-movie” storytelling format which has become very popular in the Asian advertising scene:

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