100 Days of Leo Burnett, the Midwestern Master of Mascots DAY 54

Here’s today’s Leo:

In my opinion. there has been only one indispensable man in the history of the world. His name was Adam.” — Leo Burnett

Ah yes, the ol’ “man came first” argument. I love how we love our legends — no matter how ridiculous or implausible. It’s so difficult as a human to let go of long-held “truths,” and all those Bible stories (written by a bunch of Brits in the 1600s: Link) are amongst our truthiest.

I’m a huge fan of Dave Allen, an Irish observational comedian and satirist who described himself as a “practicing Atheist.” He loved to tweak the Catholic Church. For example, he liked to say that God likes atheists better because we’re never asking him for anything or bothering him all the time. There’s gotta be some truth in that 🙂

I once saw Dave Allen live with Suzy at the O’Keefe Centre and we laughed so hard I think we both broke something. It was literally hard to breath.

Here’s a classic Dave Allen routine on Adam & Eve:

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