100 Days of Leo Burnett, the Midwestern Master of Mascots DAY 51

Here’s today’s Leo:

Too many ads that try not to go over the reader’s head end up beneath his notice.” — Leo Burnett

This is a simple but compelling comment — treating the customer like an idiot by yelling and repeating the same drone-like message over and over never works. What you want to create is a conversation — which is a series of stimuli and responses.

Here’s a classic of the stimulus-response genre for the simplest of products — Heinz Gravy. Note how the ad effectively combines hard-hitting product shots; food photography; a compelling benefit (“No Lumps”); and genuine humor to create a beautiful mini-drama in :30. It’s also got a great, memorable selling line (“Close. But No Lumps.”).

This ad ran for a decade, driving gravy sales the whole time. Note that the husband is played by Joe DeRita, better known as Curly-Joe DeRita of the 3 Stooges — a great argument for the value of great talent:

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