Wonderful World of Marketing, Episode 29: The Modern Marketing Department (part 2)

The Millennium Tower is sinking. Literally sinking in the soft, San Francisco subsoil. As of a few months ago it had sunk 16 inches. And if that weren’t bad enough, it’s also leaning six inches off center. The wealthy (and litigious) residents are understandably frustrated. Engineers have warned that plumbing could malfunction and the high-speed elevators may stop working if the tilt worsens. To state the obvious, this is not a good thing.

It’s a beautiful tower, but the lack of a sound footing undermines any other redeeming qualities. The value of a solid foundation cannot be overestimated, because without it anything you build on top will be without support. Meanwhile, the Millennium Falcon continues to rock it out across the universe! Obviously good bones in that bird…

Where was I? Oh yeah, this concept of a “strong foundation” applies to your marketing department as well. In this Wonderful World of Marketing episode I’ll explain some of the foundational changes we made to our marketing department at Microsoft. Changes that have enabled us to become more agile; more forward looking; and better prepared to become 21st-century marketers.

And, in case you missed part one: The Wonderful World of Marketing, Episode 28: The Modern Marketing Department

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