The Wonderful World of Marketing — Season 1, Episode 3: “Windows Apportals — Using Power View and Power Map”

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A Windows Apportal is a Windows 8.1 app that can integrate a customer’s entire Line of Business (LOB) stack into a single, modern, touch-based experience. The concept behind Apportals is simple – introduce the same nested folder structure common in a desktop OS to the modern mobile OS. The result is a UI experience that allows the user to drill from the Start screen (composed of Live Tiles) to another mini-Start screen (composed of Grid Tiles). And best of all, because an Apportal is built out of the OS, everything that runs on Windows runs in a Windows Apportal, including Desktop Windows 7 Applications; Modern Windows 8 Apps; and Web Applications.

I’ve done a series of “Wonderful World of Marketing” videos that are basically live demos of the first Windows Apportal that we built, which is called the “Sales Productivity Solution Apportal” or “SPS Apportal” for short.

Here’s Episode 3, where the beauty of Office 365 and Dynamics integration becomes abundantly clear. Enjoy!