The Wonderful World of Marketing — Season 1, Episode 1: “Windows Apportals — Change your LOB Lifestyle”

On Thursday we announced Windows Apportals: Link

Thursday’s release was picked up by The Register; ZDNet (Mary Jo Foley); C|Net; Redmond Magazine; Neowin; WinBeta; Windows IT Pro; and numerous Tweeters/Bloggers.

I’ve done a series of “Wonderful World of Marketing” videos that are basically live demos of the first Windows Apportal that we built, which is called the “Sales Productivity Solution Apportal” or “SPS Apportal” for short.

Here’s Episode 1, where I wax poetic about personas and the brilliance and elegance of the Windows 8 interface, as well as review how Windows Apportals can change your LOB Lifestyle. Enjoy!