Weekly Podcast Roundup: Stress Reduction, Business Growth, Alignment, and Buttermilk

Episode #114: How to Manage Your Stress, with Neha Saxeny
It’s Stress Awareness Month, and the Breath Yogi is here to help. Neha highlights strategies to keep stress under control, and then guides us through some breathing and meditation exercises to calm your mind.

Episode #115: The Art of the Possible, with Michael Crosse and Amanda Sternquist
Growth is top of mind for every business. Fortunately, modern channels can help drive that growth, in more ways than you can imagine. Today, Michael Crosse and Amanda Sternquist of HGS Digital break down the ROI of digital customer transformation, the magic of customer experiences, and the hidden costs of doing nothing.

Episode #116: How to Align Yourself for Impact, With Ryan Bonnici
Organizational silos hurt your business, and disrupt your customer experience. Ryan Bonnici, CMO at Whereby, talks with me about how crystal clear alignment can prevent problems before they arise, ultimately driving growth and smoothing out those customer experience bumps.

Episode #117: Got Buttermilk? The Allure of a Brand Story
I love buttermilk. Like, really love it. Possibly way more than is culturally appropriate. Today I open up the marketing fridge, pull out a half-gallon of Marburger, and talk about the often overlooked emotional aspects of the products and services we sell. I don’t care whether you’re selling buttermilk or bismuth, there are real consumer stories associated with your products. And that’s the real power of a brand.