Weekly Podcast Roundup: Revenue Growth, Business Value, and Startups

Breathing, communication, category design, and visionaries. It’s a star-studded guest extravaganza this week on the CXM Experience.

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Episode #110: Monday Mornings with the Breath Yogi
It’s Monday. That means it’s time to slow down and enjoy some breathing exercises with our very own Neha Saxena, the Breath Yogi. And, as a CXM Experience bonus, Neha throws in some guided meditation. It’s a perfect way to start your week.

Episode #111: The Future of Communication, with Julio Silva
Smart brands are moving beyond social listening and are using modern channels to drive revenue growth. To that end, you need more than community managers, you need a real social strategy, backed by actionable data. Today we’re (almost) live from Ecuador with Julio Silva to talk about the future of online communication.

Episode #112: The Proven Power of Category Design, with Peter Goldie
Brands, products, or companies that define a new category — and become the design standard for that category —derive most of the profit from that category. It’s a simple idea, but a challenge to execute. Peter Goldie, category designer and advisor, joins me today to talk about his real-life experience helping companies create categories that drive business value. We also talk about his time at Macromedia, the meteoric rise and fall of Flash, and Al Gore’s chicken hypnotizing stories.

Episode #113: Building a Community of Visionaries, with Jeremy Epstein
I’ve never met a CMO who isn’t resource constrained. Whether you’re a startup, or a Fortune 500 company, we’re all being asked to do more with less. Today, Gtmhub CMO Jeremy Epstein shares his unique perspectives on being a CMO at early-stage startups. We talk about how building communities of like-minded people can help you break out of the pack, and the magic of micro-experience moments that can enhance your brand. 

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