Weekly Podcast Roundup: Crisis Management, Big Dreams, and Fabric Softener

Episode #121: Managing Through a Crisis, with Neha Saxena
India is currently struggling with a serious COVID outbreak. Sprinklr has offices and employees located throughout India, so this issue is hitting us on a very personal level. Today, Neha and I talk about the crisis, explore how leaders can support their teams, and offer some ways you can help.

Episode #122: Dream Big, the Marketing Potential of Dream Transference
We all have dreams. Things we want to do, goals we want to accomplish, places we want to visit. Often, we realize that these dreams may never come to fruition (let’s face it, I’m probably not going to help colonize Mars, or race in the French Grand Prix). But as marketers, we need to recognize and appreciate these dreams, and make sure our customers see the potential in our products, and in themselves.

Episode #123: The April Fresh Smell of B2B Selling
Is there really any such thing as B2B selling? We’re never selling to a business; we’re selling to a business person. And that person is an actual human being, with goals, aspirations, and concerns. Too often B2B marketers fall back on selling features and functions — but that’s not what anyone is buying. In today’s episode, I reveal the secret of Downy fabric softener, and use that secret to explain the real reason B2B buyers buy your products and services. I can almost guarantee it’s not what you think.