Throwback Thursday — 1978 Honda Civic + Birkenstocks = 1980s AWESOME

1978 Honda CivicThere are so many types of awesome in this photo from 1984 I don’t know where to start. Is it the casual pose? Is it the way I’m rockin’ the Birks with white socks? Or is it the super clean 1978 Honda Civic that I drove for 4 glorious years through university?

I loved that car — even with its manual choke, the fact that it would take 30 minutes to start in cold weather, and the overall issue of its tiny size making it probably the most treacherous driving decision I’ve ever made — which is no minor statement. Plus it had the best transmission ever — a 2-speed “Hondamatic”, which was a non-clutched manual transmission. You had 2 gears — first got you going, and second took you home. Maximum speed = 90 km/h.

But it was a car, and most kids didn’t have cars in university in the ’80s. That made me awesome — even with the Birks.