Tech 4 Tech: Insights from the PROS + Microsoft Webinar

Picture this: a bustling virtual conference room, the energy palpable even through the screen. You’re here at the “Microsoft + PROS, ‘Tech 4 Tech,’ The CFO’s Best-Kept Secret to Profitable Growth” webinar, a riveting collaboration between PROS and Microsoft. As your host, I have the pleasure of guiding you through this exchange of ideas. Let’s dive into the thrilling ocean of insights and memorable quotes we’ve gleaned from this enlightening session.

First off, Embracing Change and Speed: As I’ve always maintained,

“Change is the only constant in the digital landscape.”

We designed this webinar to hammer home the importance of welcoming change with open arms. To our attendees, we conveyed the importance of adopting a growth mindset, of viewing change not as a boulder on the road, but as a stepping stone to innovation and progress. My esteemed colleague Stefan Schultz, the CFO of PROS, accentuated the critical need for speed and agility in decision-making, given the whirlwind pace of market dynamics.

Next, we delved into Data-Driven Decision Making: As the insightful Stephen Oommen, Managing Director of US Enterprise Commercial at Microsoft, astutely noted,

“The companies who have an entire Salesforce that understand the profitability model tend to have elevated conversations with their customers.”

We all emphasized the potency of decisions fueled by data. Stephen underscored the importance of comprehending the profitability of each deal, which paves the way for more profound, insightful conversations with customers, fostering enduring relationships.

On the topic of Collaboration and Partnership, Stefan Schultz had a nugget of wisdom to share:

“The relationship between the CFO and CRO is crucial.”

In our webinar, we highlighted the necessity of strong collaboration between the CFO and CRO. By nurturing a robust partnership and ensuring open lines of communication, organizations can synchronize their financial aspirations with revenue objectives, leading to better decision-making and execution.

We then tackled Technology for Profitable Growth: As Stephen Oommen aptly put it,

“Digital transformation requires finance transformation.”

Our discourse included the evolving technology landscape and the need for finance and revenue-centric platforms. Stefan pointed out the CFO’s preference for solutions that provide immediate relief to pain points and measurable returns. We stressed the importance of automation and the integration of financial data into customer engagement systems to propel profitable growth.

Lastly, we underscored a People-Centric Approach: Stephen Oommen reminded us:

“You can’t automate relationships.”

Both Stephen and I highlighted the paramount importance of human interactions and relationships in business. While technology and automation are undeniably vital, the human element remains irreplaceable. Prioritizing relationships leads to meaningful connections with customers, more effective collaborations, and ultimately, improved business outcomes.

All in all, our webinar was an eye-opening exploration into the evolving roles of CFOs and CROs in this digital era. By embracing change, leveraging data for decision making, fostering collaboration between finance and revenue teams, adopting technology for profitable growth, and emphasizing the importance of nurturing relationships, organizations can confidently steer their ship through the digital seas, unlocking their full potential in this rapidly changing business environment. And remember, at the end of the day, it’s about the journey, not just the destination.

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