Weekly Podcast Roundup: Staying the Course, Creating Customer Value, and non-Personas

Episode #118: Monday Mornings with the Breath Yogi
Why do we get off course so easily? And what are some strategies we can use to get back on course? On our regular Monday Breath Yogi segment, Neha Saxena helps us to understand how to control our thoughts, so we can control our actions. Plus, a quick breathing exercise to kick off the week the right way.

Episode #119: How to Create Value For Your Customers, with Joshua Nafman
As marketers, we’re torn between… let’s call it the brain and the body. The brain is all the data, knowledge, and information we have access to. The body is the action — actually doing something with this data that improves the customer experience. Joshua Nafman, global director of digital & media at Diageo, joins me for a look at how to shift our actions so we truly put the customer first.

Episode #120: The Dangerous Allure of Marketing Personas
For years, marketers have been using personas, those fictional representations of supposedly real people that help you target your marketing messages. The problem with these fictional people is that they’re, well, fictional. They don’t exist. Not as individuals, and not as groups. But there’s a better alternative. It’s time to start looking at consumers in a new way, using real behaviors and interests instead of manufactured demographics.