Epic Technology Meets Fine Dining

Dining out is about more than the food. It’s the experience. That’s why the best restaurants in the world are known for their impeccable service and inviting ambiance (and it’s why Big Ed’s Bottomless Buffet is known only for its complimentary after-dinner heartburn tablets).

As part of that experience, technology has slowly infused itself into modern restaurant culture. Typically, that means point of sale systems and reservation management. But there’s no reason to stop there. An example par excellence: Le Petit Chef.

The immersive projection mapping experience gives “dinner and a show” an entirely new meaning. The clever, story-driven narrative manages to entertain and amuse, while kickstarting pre-dinner conversation. It’s the perfect technological hors d’oeuvre for an evening out with friends.

While this video is a prototype, it actually led to real life pop-up experiences in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, and a permanent location in London.

As restaurants reinvent themselves in a post-pandemic era, there’s an opportunity to better use technology to enhance the overall dining experience. Whether it’s projection mapping, branded mobile apps, or social media listening and engagement, technology can smooth off some of the rough edges COVID-19 left behind. 

Like a perfectly-grilled jalapeño, this petit chef may be small, but he packs a powerful punch.