Mary Meeker Coronavirus Trends Report

Mary Meeker

I’ve never made a secret of the fact that I’m a huge Mary Meeker fanboy. You should be too. Her insight and analysis is second to none, and her annual Internet Trends Report should be required reading for all marketers.

Never have we needed her acumen more than now. Fortunately, Ms. Meeker has created a coronavirus trends report full of fact-based and research-based insights and recommendations. And Axios has shared the report for your enlightenment

Axios Exclusive: Mary Meeker’s coronavirus trends report

Here are the top trends she covers:

  • Scientists / engineers / domain experts get more seats at the table
  • Work-life re-balanced
  • Digital transformation accelerating
  • Rise of on-demand services as economic growth driver continues
  • Government’s role in stabilizing / stimulating economy must be enabled by modern technologies
  • 2020 = step-function year for technology+healthcare
  • Evolution of traditional sports post-COVID-19 provides real-time engagement clues for other businesses

…but there’s so much more, and so much more detail.

We’re all currently reeling from coronavirus uncertainty and recommendation overload, so the value of a well-researched north star can not be overstated. Read the full report. You can thank me later.