Imagine Cup Students Dream Big

Got Imagination?

At Imagine Cup, we believe in the power of students to change the world. And we don’t have to look very far for a great example: Bill Gates was the university student, along with his friend from high school, Paul Allen, who co-founded Microsoft. They know what it means to dream big and work hard.

Every year, we see amazing teams of Imagine Cup students rise from countries all over the world. They bring us their dreams, their skills, and their passion. They show us what they can do. And when that happens we can see the future right there, in the faces of those leaders of tomorrow. For Imagine Cup 2014, we wanted to find a way to connect some of these future leaders with the history that inspires us.

And so I’m very pleased to announce that one Imagine Cup World Finalist team will be chosen for a private meeting with Bill Gates, co-founder of Microsoft and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. That team of students will get the chance to share their dreams and their excitement for a brighter future in person with this entrepreneur, innovator, and humanitarian.

We’re very grateful to share this opportunity with the students of Imagine Cup. And if it sounds like something you’ve always dreamed of, there’s one way you can make it so: Make it all the way to the Imagine Cup World Finals in Seattle this July, 2014, and your team could be the one chosen to meet Bill Gates. Learn more.