“Chick Flick the Musical”, the YouTube Promo

Check out this fantastic new promo video for Chick Flick the Musical, now on the Tubes of the InterWeb and tracking to more than 400 views already!

The video features commentary from Director Mary Catherine Burke; Choreographer Tiffany Hollier; and Writer Suzy Conn. They’re all fantastic — the camera loves them!

Here’s the video summary from YouTube:

Suzy Conn’s brand-new “Chick Flick the Musical” promo video, edited by Tiffany Hollier and featuring Kendall Chaffee-Standish as Karen Carrington; Maisie Salinger as Meg Smith; Rachel B. Joyce as Sheila Black; and Whitney Maris Brown as Dawn Demonte. This video uses footage from the “Chick Flick the Musical” workshop production at Millbrook Playhouse, which was Directed by Mary Catherine Burke; Choreographed by Tiffany Hollier; and Music Directed by Seth Weinstein. Videography by Syed Karimushan.