Broadreach Fiji Shark Studies — SS11 Update: Sunday, June 29, 2014 “Babs vs Wild”

Broadreach Fiji Day 6Today’s update from Fiji was co-written by Alena and Lily:

Today was full of exciting twists and turns! We were expecting to dive in the afternoon, but after a few unexpected schedule changes, we quickly ate breakfast and hurried out the door to some morning dives. We ended up at our first wreck dive, Rusi’s Pinnacle, which was so exciting. The conditions were more difficult than usual because of a strong current, but the group handled it well. The giant coral-covered ship, at about 95 feet, was beautiful, and we saw some amazing fish as well. Between our two dives, we had an amazing surface interval consisting of tea and cookies at Yanuca island. The crystal clear water was too hard to resist, so we all jumped in and floated around. After relaxing in the sun, we geared up for our second soft-coral dive at Bird’s island. This dive was easier because the current had subsided and the water was clear. Interesting coral formations and gorgeous fish made this shallow dive unique. We swam though a tunnel of coral and many of us had fun taking pictures on this dive. One of the best things we saw was the cute little clownfish.

We returned to the villa for lunch and an invigorating shark lesson on shark behavior. Our favorite part was learning about the sleeping habits of whitetip reef sharks, who pile on each other like kittens in a pile . We each chose sharks to study for a presentation project, which we will be working on for the next few days. After this we worked on our journals before Bab’s Biddies began making dinner. They made a delicious and enjoyable meal of quesadillas and fresh pineapple. During dinner we all swapped funny stories and talked about our day. Once we cleaned up, we waited for our underwater naturalist dive lecture and a movie. Today was full of adventure that we all surely will remember. We are all excited for another shark dive tomorrow and can’t wait to get back into the water!