Broadreach Fiji Shark Studies — SS11 Update: Sunday, July 6, 2014 “Keeping up with Babs”

Broadreach Bega TeamToday’s update from Fiji was co-written by Devin and Trinity:

We woke up this morning at 7:00 to the sunrise and the incessant roosters on Beqa Island with our homestay families. After a quick breakfast and goodbyes, we all congregated at Papa’s house to get ready to return to the mainland. As we waved goodbye to all the villagers at the dock we had a smooth boat ride back to Pacific Harbor. As we collected our things, we had a fight for the first warm shower back at home and hurried back to our villa.

Still on Beqa time, we had a very slow-moving and relaxing day, during which some people finished their Shark Species projects, some read, and others laid out in the sun. We made grilled cheeses and tuna sandwiches ourselves today and played a few rounds of cards. For a quieter afternoon, we watched the Grand Budapest Hotel, which everyone enjoyed. Finally, we had a late lecture at 4:00 during which we discussed shark research such as research done about migration patterns and how they use tags to monitor sharks.

For dinner, Alopiidae cooked a delicious meal of spaghetti, meat sauce, and garlic bread for the group, which we all thoroughly enjoyed. We shared our glows from the past weekend, which included the beautiful hike, playing with the children in the village, all the delicious food we ate, and just general love of our village visit. We finished off the evening with another movie, this time Jaws, and ice cream. Even though we had a relaxing day everyone is still tired from our various activities on Beqa and looking forward to a shark dive tomorrow!

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